Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A little DIY for memories from abroad.

We spent a lot of time in beer gardens, brew pubs, and eating and drinking establishments on our trip to Germany and the Czech Republic this summer. So naturally, we ended up with some great memories and some coasters. Sam brought them home as a memento, but what to do with them? We could tuck them in a box, save them for an album, or put them in the junk drawer. Or, he thought, we could display them in a frame. So a little DIY project was born this long weekend.

We purchased a pack of really inexpensive frames from Target - 3 frames for $6 I think - and stuck in the coasters. But it was a bad fit. Too much white space. Glancing around, I saw our used guidebooks and the weathered map sticking out of the edge. I know we won't need it again, so I traced out the relevant areas on the map to create a backing for the coasters. Viola, they are not more visually interesting, the two coasters from the same trip are unified as a set of art, and our memories are easily jogged with images and stories from each place when we see the coasters. It was a simple but interesting little project and we hope to continue the collection with future trips and future coasters.