Thursday, February 16, 2012

When a blog goes silent.

Wow. This space is pretty empty. I mean, I haven't posted in months. Not even the requisite "What I baked for the holidays" posts. Nothing. I am full of excuses. The busy holidays. I work a lot. Blah blah blah. The truth is simply that blogging has fallen off my to-do list for the past several months. To be honest, it's also sort of fallen off my I-want-to-do list too. I dunno why, but I am just not driven to post.

I do sort of miss it, but what I miss is the enthusiasm for creating something worth of a post, rather than the posting itself. I remember when I would sit and plot my blog entries by the dozens. When I would fantasize about the amazing entries yet to come. It was a time when I would undertake projects and recipes and adventure with my primary motivation being to document it on the blog. It wasn't so much about the journey, or the destination, but my ability to blog it all. I know those of you that blog know the feeling.

But I've lost that blog-lovin' feeling. It's gone, gone, gone. So, for now, I am just going cold turkey MIA. Sure, I have a few minor twinges of guilt in making that statement, or maybe it's more a feeling of defeatism, but I am reconciling those feelings with the logic that this decision should not affect many folks. After all, as I am pretty sure my mom is my only loyal blog follower (Hi Mom!).

I think (I hope) the desire to blog will come back to me. After all, I do have some fun stuff to write about. In fact, I have been hoarding some unfinished post; they are just waiting for a bit of TLC and for me to hit "publish." That, and I have some projects lined up to work on soon. And they are blog worthy. Plus spring is around the corner, so that might increase my blog desires. Who knows? One thing I can say for sure though is that I am pleased this space will remain here, mine, and ready for whatever I choose when the time is right.