Friday, February 8, 2008

The next project... a matchy-matchy shirt!

I love my husband so much that I have decided to make him the recipient of my next sewing class project. In fact, I love him soooooooooo much that not only am I sewing him a shirt, I am sewing him a shirt that matches a skirt I already sewed for myself! I figured, hey, it's cute when Moms and their young children wear matchy-matchy outfits, so why wouldn't it be cute for a husband and wife to match as well? Therefore I am sewing him a Simplicity collared shirt, and when it is finished we will wear our outfits out every Friday night on a dinner date. Folks will ohhhh and ahhhh at our cuteness, and probably buy us drinks in admiration. I can't wait to match in our graphic lemony-print outfits, like every loving couple should.

Ok, ok, I am just kidding. We will actually make every effort to NEVER wear these outfits at the same time. I hate when we come even close to coordinating our outfits on accident, because people seem to think it is so adorable, and that quite frankly is too much awkward attention for me to handle. At Sam's office Christmas party, we each wore some combo of blue, black, and white. I had on black pants and a white colored shirt with a blue cardigan, and he was wearing black slacks and a black, blue, and white striped shirts. It was a total accident, we didn't see each other get dressed that morning because I left early, but for some reason everybody instantaneously noticed and commented within a minute of seeing us. "Oh, how cute, you match" and "Awwwwww, don't you two look good together" was all I heard, and I was truly mortified. So we will not be wearing our lemon print outfits together. :)

I do LOVE the lemon print fabric though. When I first saw it at the fabric store, I picked it up immediately with Sam's shirt in mind. But when I asked the sales lady her opinion, she looked at me like I was crazy. She looked at me and said "That fabric... for a man..." while her gaze seemed to say more blatantly, "Are you trying to turn your husband gay?" I wavered for a moment and put the fabric back on the shelf, but ultimately the siren's call of the graphic fruit and vibrant colors of yellow and orange got the best of me, and I bought it for the shirt AND for a skirt anyway. Sam loves it, and no, he has not turned gay yet.

I spent three hours in sewing class this week working on attaching the collar. This project is a bit stressful, but so far so good. More images to come soon as the shirt receives sleeves, structure, and eventually buttonholes.

And maybe, just maybe, if you are very lucky, I will indulge you in a photograph of us wearing our matching outfits. How cute!

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