Friday, June 6, 2008

Mike's Pastry Shop... the North End's cannoli paradise!

I crave cannoli. Last week, I ate a cannoli every day. This week, I eat no cannoli. In fact, I do not even know if such a delicious thing as cannoli exists in the Tex-Mex city of San Antonio. But I do know that delicious cannoli exist in the Italian neighborhood of Boston's North End, and that is where I want to be... sitting in Mike's Pastry, gazing out the window at a sunny New England morning with a cappuccino in one hand and a fresh chocolate chip cannoli in the other.

You know what they say in Boston? The only blue and white box more exciting than a Mike's Pastry box is a Tiffany's box. I believe it. The cannoli were delicious, and the shop itself was a delight. The shop functions as a North End land mark, probably because the periphery of the shop is lined with case after case of enticing pastries and baked goods. They have cookies, candies, cannoli, tiramisu, cream puffs and homemade donuts, biscotti, and Italian-style desserts I have never even tried. The creative marzipan candies delighted me, and I brought home a picnic of candy to Sam as a souvenir.

I also brought home four cannoli, protectively carrying the box through the airport security check point, giving up my precious in-flight leg room in self sacrifice for the dessert, and finally arriving home in San Antonio at midnight to share one with my man. Without the charm of the North End, the cannoli did not have quiet the same old-school Italian aura, but they were nonetheless delicious. And today I want one. Alas, a photo and a happy memory will have to do.


Anonymous said...

I don't think there is any place to get cannoli in SA. I did find one one day at Whole Foods, and it was terrible. Not worth the money I paid! I need to find someplace nearby to get some until I can get some tubes and a new fryer and make my own. Every time I go to Houston I get some before leaving.

Anonymous said...

Looking for cannoli in Texas, or anywhere for that matter? We are located outside of Houston and we ship cannoli shells, kits, and other Italian specialties across the U.S. In SA, you even get next day delivery with affordable UPS Ground service. Though I'm biased, we think that our cannoli is as good or better than Brocato's in Nola.