Tuesday, September 2, 2008

And then, we toobed!

Anchoring to the all-important coolers of beer.

To be honest, Sam and I selected our wedding date based on one all important factor... our ability to go tubing the day after the wedding. Was it non-traditional decision-making? Yes. Can it be considered viable and legitimate grounds for hosting a South Texas outdoor wedding on one of the hottest weekends of the year? Debatable, but ultimately, YES!

So on Saturday September 1, 2007 Sam and I celebrated our wedding between fits of downpours and lulls of crushing humidity. The wedding night cleared up in the nick of time for our outdoor ceremony and reception in the garden. That night we danced with glee, hair matted with perspiration to our brows and upper lip sweat prickling the corners of our smiles. But the heat was worth it, because the next day the entire wedding group entouraged to the Comal River near Gruene, Texas and floated the river, beers in hand, recuperating from a night of dancing, eating, revelry, and sweating!

A quick guide to South Texas culture for all your non-Texans and those unfamiliar with tubing. First, the leisure activity is commonly referred to as TOOBIN' rather than the more formal tubing. Yes, I know it is incorrect spelling, but just roll with it. Guadalupe is really pronounced Gwaaaa-dah-LOOP, so ignore your urge to use the correct Spanish pronunciation. By the way, the Guadalupe is a lovely river just north of San Antonio, ripe for lazy afternoon toobin' trips. The Lone Star is both the great symbol of Texas independence AND a mildly-delicious, cheap beer for the river. Y’all is acceptable to interject at both the beginning and ends of most any sentences, for example “Y’all, we are going tubing after the wedding!” and “Don’t splash me with the river water, y’all!” Finally, nothing tastes as good as Rudy’s BBQ after a hard day of toobin’!

Sweating in my wedding dress was a small sacrifice in exchange for the delight of sipping beer and lounging in an inflatable tire tube with friends and family the day after my big day. Cheers for Texas!
Anne and Lucy and Mr. Bud Light.

Cousin Michaella, a fish at heart.

Jon Stern, with Sam in the background.

Blake and Anne.

Sam and Kate, post wedding, pre honeymoon, and relaxing on the Comal.


Jen said...

Oh! My daughter and I were just on the river the weekend before Labor Day! We got rained upon quite a bit, but oh, did we have fun. And yes, it's toobin! And Lone Star is pretty danged good for toobin, as is Tecate.

We didn't do Rudy's after toobin, but we did grill our own steaks and such. I am so glad you wrote about the river!

Polly McDonald said...

The way I learned it growing up is that the river is pronounced "gwada-loop-ay". The street in Austin is "gwada-loop".