Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guest Blog #3: Who says that camping means beans and weenies?

The following is the third in an ongoing series of guest blog appearances by friends and family. This post is from a repeat guest blogger. You may remember them from a Valentine's post featuring THE BEST chocolate cake any of us have ever eaten. This time, they take their kitchen outdoors! Much thanks to my parents Mike and Sarah for sharing their recent Coleman stove culinary adventures. They are traveling through Canada this month on a grand summer vacation. Read on for some dinners in the great outdoors that will leave you jealous...

Who says that camping means beans and weenies?
by Mike and Sarah Rawley

So ..... who says that camping means beans and weenies and s'mores? (not that I have anything against that sort of thing, hot dogs with canned chili and cheese makes a great camping dinner!)

We're in Jasper, Alberta and what you see is a genuine Alberta rib eye, so delicious and tender it could make a meat eater cry. A big difference between US beef and Alberta beef is that while the US finishes the cow with corn, ranchers use barley here in Western Canada. They didn't mention if the barley was in the form of beer, but I'd imagine really happy cattle then. Add some fresh green beans, fry up some new potatoes and what a tasty dinner! Oh yeah, the wine is from Canada too and the packaging is custom made for camping!

Happy eating!!!Dad took a little piece of an iceberg from the glacial lake today so that we could chill the cava that we brought along with us. We made a great pasta with ready made sauce, which we added bacon to, and then completed with a salad. We paid $20 for a salad like this 2 nights before and decided not to resent our greens so much and make it for ourselves. The peaches are from Alberta and the baked goods are from a very nice bakery in town. Tonight we listened to Puccini (after asking our campground neighbors permission), drank champagne chilled from 400 year old water and ate like royalty.

The sun stays light until about 10 pm so now we are having a cup of tea, playing backgammon, reading a little bit and thinking about our beautiful daughters. Life is good.

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