Sunday, March 8, 2009

The new girl in the house.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado, let me introduce you to the newest little lady in my life. I like to call her Mrs. White, although her birth name in full is White 622. And I am not sure if she would want me to tell you this, as she is a bit shy about her age and origins, but I bought her from Ebay. I know, I know, don't judge her for that! The truth is that she came 100% tuned, cleaned, and ready to stitch. She may not be the newest machine on the block, and she certainly does not have the computer aptitude of younger machines, but she has aged gracefully with white-ish gray silver coloring so classic and becoming on an older lady. She also has a bit of the extra weight you would imagine an older Mrs. White to carry, and when I try to lug her to sewing class it takes two hands and a grunt to lift her into my trunk. No matter, she will either burn off the extra pounds as I sew with her or we will love her regardless of her heft.

She also comes with the experience and expertise common to those with time under their belts. Look at all those stitches! She sews both regular AND stretch (although I can't lie, I tried sewing the stretch this weekend and couldn't really tell a difference. What is stretch sewing?). She can make little scallops and triangles and stitches that look like a EKG monitor. I have the Decades of Style Girl Friday Blouse on my things-to-sew-soon lineup, and I think Mrs. White will be invaluable in decorating the collar.

My old trusty little lady Singer Stylemate 347 is back there too, completely healed and in prime sewing condition. She was on her deathbed just a few short months ago, but I am pleased to say that a trip to Gromes's Sewing Machine Repair in San Antonio healed her good as new. It turns out her timing was off somehow. The technician marveled it could be off so much, as the old Singers are usually very stable. I may never know what threw her into her timing tizzy, but I can tell you that I am happy to have her back. You can tell I like her, as I spent more to repair her than she is technically valued at, but you can hardly put a price on an old tried and true girlfriend, now can you?

Now I get them both of these ladies out on the weekends and set them up side by side. It's like a little sewing circle on my kitchen table with all the girls invited! It is great, I can have them each threaded for a different project and swap between as the mood strikes. The past few weeks have been too busy for sewing, with lots of work projects and family visits, but I am itchin' to sew, and I have fabric, patterns, and inspiration all lined up. So it won't be long until you see the fruits of our labors posted here. Stay tuned, just like these little ladies


Jen said...

I am glad you have the new machine, but also glad the trip to Gromes was worth it! My godmother says they're absolutely the best!

Anonymous said...

I feel like the luckiest woman in the world. You are so tender about your machines and so accepting of their flaws. And I admire how you respect their history.

I know you love your sewing and your machines but I also know you love me more. I feel secure knowing that when I get a little long in the tooth, you will be the whitener in my toothpaste and put the sparkle back on my teeth.

Imagine how good your husband must feel cause he is on the top of your list!


Tess said...

How exciting! Can't wait to see what you make with it.