Saturday, April 25, 2009

Vintage playsuits.

My sister Ellen visited last week, and we spent much of her trip ogling girls on the street wearing little onesy numbers I believe are often called "playsuits" or "rompers." The look is simultaneously gutsy, sweet, feminine, vampish, and completely and totally alluring. Just look at them. They scream "I like to have fun, and I am not afraid of my body. Come on, I dare you to make a move." Plus, as you can see in the illustrations, the playsuit has a Clark Kent style disguise for those moments when you need to be a bit more demure. Just button on your skirt and presto, you look like you are a proper 1950's dame. Oh, they are lovely.

We both find our fascination with the playsuit a bit confusing, as the playsuit certainly plays on both childlike AND sexy imagery. I have never been overly inspired by the Lolita-style fashions that often pop up in vintage wear, and this might be pushing into that category. Also disturbing is the knowledge that I am pretty sure you need to have long, stunning legs to pull off a romper with style. My legs are not very long, nor stunning, but a girl can still dream, right? Look at the playsuits below from this Etsy seller, who makes these one-of-a-kind rompers and sells them to beautiful, bold women. The are very much the look of the Carrie and Samantha's get ups in Sex and the City's season 3 roof party. They are great.

One of these days when my sewing skills really take off, and my legs grow another six inches (in lenght, not width silly!), perhaps I too will venture into the world of the adult romper. Until then, I will continue to admire from afar.


Laura McFall said...

Here is a fun video you might like:

Laura McFall

Kate said...

That video is too funny! Thanks for sharing. I only wish is was so easy to whip up a party dress, and on the cheap! I have found that my tastes in fabric, plus the amount of time and extra materials I need to successfully sew a project, usually bring the cost up to equivalent with the stores where I usually find clothes. I keep practicing, knowing that at some point my increased skills will help me equalize my sewing expenses and I will begin to save money. Thanks Singer man!