Friday, August 14, 2009

Tubing is Texas Culture.

The United States if full of culture. I get so fed up with people that compare us to Europe and say that us Americans are nothing but a bunch of blah schmucks without original cuisine, art, past times, national attitude, or, well, or CULTURE . We have culture, and I think tubing proves it. I mean, floating in a truck tire inner tube down a spring fed Texas river with hundreds of other folks, all drinking beer...? It is as absolutely as culturally relevant as sitting in a Paris cafe smoking cigarettes. Yet somehow we all think of the French and their cafes endearingly, "Oh, those French, they have all this culture." It bugs me. And don't even get me started on the relevance of BBQ to culture. If croissants count as culture, brisket in a sweet-n-spicy sauce surely does too.

Last weekend Sam, my sister Claire, and my cousin Chrissie and I all hit the river for a healthy dose of Texas culture. We tubed. It was hot, it was a bit messy, and it was authentic. Yee-haw for my Texas culture.


Jen said...

I was on the river this past weekend -- way too low for tubing, so we just sat in the rapids and enjoyed the river. I think you are very right about tubing being "Texas culture".

Kate said...

Excellent insight.