Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Return to the scene of the crime.

Happily married couples have been known to return to the scene of their crime on their anniversary, usually for hot coffee and giant cinnamon buns. This morning Sam and I sat in the dining room at the Guenther House and ate breakfast where exactly two years and a few hours ago we cut our wedding cake, toasted each other, and attended our first party as husband and wife.

We marveled that it has been two year. I mean, two years sounds like a long time. It is 731 days (there was a leap year). But in reality, time has flown by, and I think that is a good sign. It must mean that we like each other, that we live busy and fulfilling lives, and that most of all our marriage has enhanced our lives. Otherwise the time wouldn't fly by, would it?

I feel a bit conceited posting so many photos, but my nostalgic, romantic side can't help it. I wanted to thumb through the photos today, but sadly I have yet to finish the wedding album (I know!) so instead I had to pop in the CD. And you know, since the images were in easy access to the blog, well, I just couldn't help myself. The talented Jill Torrance did our photos, and beautifully I might add.

This fall I vow to put our wedding photos in an album, so next year I will have a tangible book to pull out and gush over. Last year I had the pictures all printed (finally!) in honor of our one-year anniversary. So this year I should put them into the binder in honor of our two year anniversary. It will certainly make it easier to pull them out and reminisce on our three year anniversary and beyond.

I don't think it will ever get old to say this, so to my dear Sam, Happy Anniversary. Here's to many more!


ohmypuddin said...

Happy anniversary, RawWars! To two years, and many many more!

Meat Lover said...

Aw, I love the pictures. Happy anniversary to you two!