Sunday, February 7, 2010

more of the D.U.K. #7

D.U.K. #7
February 4th, 2010

Chef Jason Dady Presents:

We drank 10 bottles of wine.

Lucy and Kipp arrive as a very cute couple.

The table, before any eating. I used yellow butcher paper as a table cloth. We threw down crayons to encourage creativity.

Butter poached toasts, awaiting heirloom tomatoes or goat cheese and figs.

We had a mandatory toast (or two) with every course. Here, Anne toasted to pescatarians. We humored her.

Brussels sprouts and a veal stock reduction sauce with pears and tarragon and other delicious flavors.

Me, laughing after dinner.

Chef Dady describes how he butchered and prepared our NY strip into semi-rectangular (aka parallelogram) cuts of sous vide wonder.

Sam eats brioche french toast dessert.

The fearless assistant Josh was injured by a wine stem in the line of duty, and his bravery is commemorated with a table portrait.

Learning our lesson from D.U.K. #2, we only drank one bottle of port with dinner. It was a good choice.

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