Thursday, May 13, 2010

The life below.

How do you see something as beautiful as this sea turtle? Well, first you have to fly to Maui, then you gear up in snorkeling gear that I now recognize makes you look crazy, and finally you jump into the deep depths of the ocean with the faith that a shark will not eat you, that you will not be swept out to sea, and that your snorkel will remain free of salty water. Then, and only then, do you have the chance to see such a beautiful animal at graceful ease in its natural surrounding. Unless you visit a great Zoo I suppose.

There is some equipment needed for snorkeling, mainly a snorkel, mask and fins. But I should mention, of course, that the white long sleeved rash guards are not part of the official snorkeling getup. They are, however, official if you are pale like me and fear skin cancer. I recognize that it is not the most attractive snorkeling look. Perhaps a sequin bikini, or even a tasteful low backed one piece, would be more fashionable. But then we would have to wear sunscreen all over our bodies. And you may not know this, but sunscreen is bad for the coral. Snorkel Bob's book told me so. Therefore, if you love your skin, AND if you care about the well being of the coral, you also should wear a long sleeved, high necked rash guard. It may not feel very cool at all, but at the very least you can pretend you are surfer, even if you have never surfed in your life. And believe me, pretending you are a surfer makes the rash guard much cooler.

But snorkeling is worth the embarrassing gear. It is totally serene experience in a busy world, because you just hear your breath going in and out, and float and float and float over natural beauty. Plus, if you are lucky, you also see giant sea turtles like these. Also floating and relaxing in the sea. Any you might also hold an uni on your head and be inspired to order it for dinner at sushi. Either way, get yee to the Pacific sea the next time you can. It's a whole new world under the surface.


Sarah said...

Do you have a rash guard on your legs or do they just match your shirt naturally???

Kate said...

Hahaha. I do not deny the pale.