Friday, September 10, 2010

Mrs. White has a cording foot.

Mrs. White, my fine old lady sewing machine, has a cording foot! And thank goodness she does, because together we spent the last week of August making 100 yards of fabric flags for Sarah T's wedding!

A week ago yesterday we headed to Vermont for my dear friend Sarah's wedding. My two carry on bags were full to the brim with 160 laundered, pressed, and tied Vera Neumann napkins, 7 Vera tablecloths, and a football field's length of fabric flags. I was laden with linens and nervous about everything looking right, and I am pleased to report that the wedding was beautiful. The flags made it up into the trees next to twinkling white lights, and the linens dotted every table setting at the dinner. I will post some photos when I get the good stuff that the professionals shot. Just know that it did look lovely.

But, I could NOT have done it without this magical little foot, which offered a deep groove for the cording to run under as the needle zig-zagged above it. I don't know what this presser foot is technically called, or what it is actually designed for (as I am pretty sure it was not created with the expressed purpose of sewing wedding flags). But I do know this, I am a lucky girl that I found it in my stash of sewing supplies about two and a half weeks ago. Now, I can leave you with this advice. When committing to sewing wedding decorations, it is wise not to spend 9 months amassing materials and speculating on construction, and only one week completing the construction. But, it you do procrastinate, it is also wise to have an eBay-ed sewing machine on hand with surprise presser feet to help you complete the job.

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Sarah said...

I can't wait to see the pictures and hear your stories!