Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day!

Wednesday and Thursday it was only 29 degrees in San Antonio. And last night it dusted snow across the city, and today we have a snow day! There is about .0001 inches of snow, but the roads are slippery. In fact, all of the highways are closed. Things are frozen and nobody here knows how to unfreeze them. Hehe. I love an unexpected snow day!

I am going to sew my (hopefully) final Crepe muslin, bake a 6-banana bread recipe (a double batch, to take one to the Lake House tomorrow), and hopefully prepare my pattern for a self drafted dirndl skirt to be made of my long-hoarded Liberty fabric. And I plan to drink tea and eat soup and look out the window at our South Texas Winter Wonderland a lot.

It will be a lovely day. I hope yours is safe and warm too!

p.s. It also gave me an excuse to break out by plastic Diana lens for my camera. What do you think of the above and below pictures? The Diana is often described as "dreamy" and I think that soft blurry haze is indeed a bit dreamy. Although it has blurred out my face in a bit of a ghost-like way...


Unknown said...

I love your pics! :) I have a Diana mini and I love it.
Ashley x

Carmen said...

It totally does make you look a little like a ghost.