Monday, June 13, 2011

Marfa in a Dreamy Diana haze.

Did I mention that in Marfa we had not only a vintage trailer, but a claw foot bathtub under the big blue sky? It's true. Did I take a bath in it? You better believe that's true too. And did I perhaps put on some bright red lipstick specifically for the bath. Damn straight, that's true as well. Because when in Marfa, we are all inspired. And I find a glamorous bath inspiring.

I also took a whole series of photos that morning to showcase the dreamy, other-worldly haze of Marfa's vintage charm using my dreamy, other-worldly photography lens. For Christmas, Sam gave me a plastic Diana lens for our Cannon digital SLR. The box describes it as the "dreamy Diana lens" because it takes images with such a soft focus and ethereal light. And you will agree that these images make Marfa glow like a glamor shot in the dessert.

Oh, I miss it already.

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