Sunday, February 24, 2008

The circle skirt redemption.

I post today as a women redeemed of a past sewing mistake, and boy does that feel good. Several weeks ago I posted some images and a sad, sad story about my brilliant plan to turn a circular tablecloth into a skirt. What started as a great idea turned into a giant hole with a few misguided measurements and some quick snips of the scissor. However the mistake forced me to get creative, and in the end the error turned into a learning experience and a happy ending!

The happy ending happened by means of adding a yoke waistband to the giant hole, thereby creating a drawstring skirt. You can view the results below, I think it turned out very nicely.

I am ready for springtime picnics, weekends in the sunshine, outdoor concerts, and cool and breezy evening walks in the neighborhood. Oh, and lets not forget dancing, twirling, and spinning to some good ol' fashioned Texas swing. I am ready for summertime.

A cute yoke, wide at the base and narrower at the waist, turned my botched hole
into a functional drawstring waist.

The skirts is perfect for twirling.

I added a tapered yoke of linen to shrink the giant waist hole.

A drawstring and a bow complete the look, making this a
comfortable, fashionable, and most of all accurately sized skirt!

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Anonymous said...

What a great outcome and a hint that will help others!!