Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Birthday Cake, round two.

Sam and I enjoyed the most amazing, addicting, awe-inspiring Chocolate Stout Cake as a round two birthday cake in honor of Sam's 27th birthday yesterday. We ate the last pieces of Saturday's carrot cake for breakfast on Monday morning, so it seemed fitting to bake a second cake on my lunch break to keep the birthday theme going strong.

This is the kind of cake I would only serve to my best friends or my worst enemies. I would serve it to best friends because of the pleasure it brings with each bite, but I would serve it to my worst enemies to instigate a slow death of cardiovascular disease. The cake, after all, does contain FOUR sticks of butter, FOUR cups of sugar, FOUR eggs, FOUR cups of flour, a pint of Guinness, and lots and lots of chocolate. It is delicious and deadly. I actually felt woozy with pleasure after eating my piece last night. Plus, I have been thinking about the leftover cake all day rather than doing my work.

You will find the recipe in an older Valentine's Day guest post from my dad. Beware, this cake is deadly good.

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