Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Three little old women sharing cake.

Today at lunch I looked across the restaurant and saw a table with three elderly women out for a lunch date. They were quite old, all with white hair and frail postures. One of the women was even wearing oxygen. As I looked over at the table, I could see that all three women were sharing a piece of cake for dessert. The had their forks poised simultaneously over the cake, alternating talking and tasting, and taking care not to take too big of bites or hog all the frosting. They were chatting and smiling and it was obvious they were enjoying the meal. It was a sweet little moment to witness from afar. It made me think of all the girls-night-out dinners I end with my girlfriends sharing dessert, and it was inspiring to know that a touch of sweetness at the end of a meal and the pleasuring of sharing something with a friend never fades, not even with age.

I hope you can visualize the moment, and I hope it makes you smile like it did for me. I brighten at the idea of sharing a piece of chocolate cake with my best friend when we are 80 years old!

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Anonymous said...

One of my favorite entries too date. Life is sweet and should be enjoyed with friends. Will you be my friend?