Monday, May 19, 2008

Spruce Confections.

This morning I am craving a Spruce Confections experience, which is unfortunate, because Spruce Confections is something I can only get in Boulder, Colorado. Spruce is a bakery to note, because they are the primary supplier of breakfast pastries, scones, and cookies and biscotti for ALL of Boulder's coffee shops. And believe me, Boulder has a LOT of local coffee shops. Spruce dominates the market and really epitomize what a bakery needs to do in order to stay both profitable and in charge of their own destiny, and for that I respect them. Also, my sister Ellen works there and gives me the family 50% discount, which makes the baked goods taste all the better. Delicious almost free things are even better then just delicious things.

The best thing about Spruce though, is that even though they supply all of Boulder with pastries, they always make sure that their's are still the best. For other stores, they create their pastries with 1/2 butter and 1/2 shortening, but for their own stores, they use 100% butter. A scone a Spruce always tastes better than a Spruce scone anywhere else.

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