Wednesday, November 5, 2008

My first Full Bust Adjustment.

My first FBA,with a touch of wide waist adjustment thrown in for good measure.

There are many important firsts in a lady's life, her first kiss, her first car, her first job out of college, and of course her first full bust adjustment. Yes folks, I am in fact putting my first successful full bust adjustment - or FBA abbreviated - on the short yet honorable list of important "firsts" in this girl's life.

That is because the FBA is perhaps the most empowering and transformational thing to come along since the advent of oral birth control! I am free now to engage in free love among patterns. I am enlightened to test the waters of fit, find out what I like and don't like, and run wanton and without inhibition with any pattern catalog, knowing that I am safe to pursue any sewing project without major consequence. Oh it feels good to be liberated.

I want each of you to feel liberated too. Now, I am sure I am committing some major copyright crime, but nonetheless, I am posting the bible of fit's FBA instructions so you can see just what to do yourself. The images are from Palmer/Pletsch Fit for Real People book, which is amazing! Please send your own success stories and images my way, I can't wait to see what you modify to fit your shape and style.


Jen said...

I have always been a little fearful to try this method, as I own this book. I am looking forward to seeing the product of the FBA in fabric.

You are giving me courage!

Kate said...

Fear not, and stay tuned because as early as this afternoon I will have photos of myself posted here, looking goofy in a white muslin but proudly displaying the results of my FBA. Also, I traced the pattern to a new piece of paper before I sliced and diced, so I still have the original pattern if ever I 1) make the dress for a small busted person, or 2) loose about half of my chest. Go forth and conquer, it's awesome to make a bodice fit your bust!

Anonymous said...

I've just gotten back to sewing and I need to try this! Thanks for the post.

Courtney the Knitting Goddess said...

thanks for providing those Palmer/Pletsch images on the FBA -- the technique was explained so well that I decided to buy the book and see what else I could learn!

Kate said...

I LOVE the book and recommend it to anyone who has to fit patterns (which is almost anyone who wants a perfect fit). Now all I need to find is a fellow garment sewer in San Antonio to buddy up with and help with fittings. It is just not possible to tissue fit yourself accurately. Enjoy the book and good luck.

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for this! FBA's have always seemed scary, but this book explains it so well! I'm very tempted to buy the book :) xxx

Kate said...

Ashely -
It is a GREAT book. I cannot recommend it enough. If you have any fit issues it is a worthwhile investment. I am a Fit for Real People convert! p.s. I love your duct tape dummy. Good luck with pending projects!
- Kate

S Sews said...

That book is one everyone who sews should own. It's a treasure trove of fitting tips.
FBAs can appear intimidating, but you'll be thrilled with the final fit...and soon you'll be able to do an FBA in your sleep!
Good luck!

mimi o said...

I used this method for my "Lady Grey" coat that was sewn on Gertie's Lady Grey Sew Along. In creating my jacket I went through three muslins...and the first one I kind of over did it on the FBA. Easily fixed and the final jacket is turning out wonderfully. I'm behind in my blogging but will have all my posts up hopefully within the week. I will use this method again. Good Luck and hope all turns out well!

~Happy Sewing~