Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My honey's favorite mug.

You know those little things in life that just make you happy? They are the little tiny items in your life that might go unnoticed by anybody else, but they mean so much to you. They are the items that, if a stranger walked into your abode and was asked to identify your ten favorite possessions, they would pass these up in a heartbeat. Yet they are important. They are the possessions that make you smile. That make you feel like you are behaving the way your personality is meant behave. The items that make you feel like YOU!

Well, this monster mug is one of them in our house. It belongs to my honey Sam, and I have a matching mug in orange with a two-eyed monster that I sip out of too. Now that the weather is getting chilly and we are sipping chai tea in the morning to wake up and mint tea in the evening to fall asleep, this little guy is a big part of our lives. He makes me smile, and he goes just as well with a piece of cake and dessert coffee as he does with eggs, bacon, and toast. Just don't try to sneak a piece of his bacon or a bite of his cake, or the mug might attack!

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