Friday, June 5, 2009

My new little red jacket.

This is my new little red jacket. I post it here for two reasons, 1) because it was such a smokin' deal that I want to share it with the world, and 2) because I am considering a little reinvention work and I want your opinions.

I ventured into a little store across the street from my dentist yesterday called The Painted Pony. It is the retail outlet of a local San Antonio designer who designs and constructs her line of clothing here in town and then sells her line to stores all over the country. Her retail front sells all of her sample line and leftover fabric and excess inventor at a discount. This jacket was only $10. That's right, the same cost as a mediocre meal at a local chain restaurant, and less than a pair of nice panties at Victoria's Secret. It is 100% cotton velour with a nice umpeored waist that floats away from the midsection excatly as What Not to Wear would suggest. The color is cheerful and perfect for fall and winter.

The only thing I am not entirely sure about is the sleeves. I worry they stray into the realm of old lady wear (older ladies, please don't hate me fore saying that). The thing is, I want to make sure my wardrobe stays more in line with the modern and funky Anthroplogie look and less in line with old school Talbots. Are these flouncy sleeves older-lady trendy? If so, I see two options for reinvention. Either I could put a tighter cuff of sorts around the open end of the flounce to create more of a bubble/lantern style that pulls back in to the arm. Or I could simpley cut them off and hem the jacket for a very short 3/4 sleeve look. The only worry is that the sleeves will then be too short. Or I could leave it as is. What do you think?

To be fair, I have a lot of time to think about this. It is June in San Antonio, which means no one in their right mind needs a red velor jacket right now. Still I would like to make my decision and complete the alterations before I packet this baby away for the fall. Do I remove the sleeve flounce and hem the sleeves for a more streamlined look, or leave the jacket as is? Please share your opinions.


Myra said...

I wonder what it would look like with a very small ruffle on the sleeves...

Miss Amelina said...

I adore this jacket, unbuttoned for a cardigan effect, with the sleeves just as they are. I think the sleeves are the bestest part, yo. But I understand the old lady thing....I too am trying to avoid that. Pretty pretty.

Meat Lover said...

I love a story about a good deal. When I encountered situations like that, my mom (who used to sew professionally) and I would say "you can't even buy the fabric for that amount!" Thus our hands were tied and we'd have to get it.

I do love the sleeves--they push it into the romantic Anthropologie realm to me. But I think cropping it would make it super chic and modern. What suits your mood? Maybe velcro the flutter sleeves (har har)?

Marie said...

I love it unbuttoned also. When buttoned it is not as flattering and may need some sort of adjustment for better fit. As for the old lady realm issue, it is fine if paired appropriately.

Pairing Options:

a casual white shirt, chic jeans, and red heels

Change or cover the buttons so they are navy. Pair with a variety of navy shirts (tank, navy and white stripes, turtle neck), chic jeans, and pointed navy heels.

I recommend changing the buttons because the black buttons require white or possibly a black top. Too much white and red in the winter could look to holiday season-ish.

I know I am responding late, let us know what you do!