Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vintage buttons.

These are my first vintage button acquisition, and they are so pretty. I picked up two extra large buttons that will make a nice accent to single button item, or a closure on a bag or accessory. I found six matching blue buttons which will be nice on a shirt dress, two turquoise and white buttons that can form a closure on the back of a blouse or on the straps of a sundress, and four luminous blue buttons that will surely find their way onto something pretty. I like these buttons because I imagine their history. In my mind, they spent years sitting in another young sewer's stash, anxiously awaiting their addition to a homemade garment. Who knows what they were purchased for or what intended garment never made it into fruition to deserve these buttons, but somehow I feel like using them will be completing a small piece of history.

I picked them up at A Painted Pony the other day when I purchased my new $10 red velour jacket. The buttons cost $8, so all in all I feel like I ended up with lots of treasures for only $18. My poor husband would beg to differ. His reasonable argument goes along the lines of "a deal on something we don't need is not really a deal." We are in constant debate about spending on little items like this. I, on one hand, feel compelled to make these small purchases as they arise. I never really like delaying purchase gratification. He, on the other hand, is a strong voice of reason and moderation. Together I think it makes us a good pair. He reins me in, and I made sure we don't miss out on the little one-of-a-kind purchases he might frugally overlook. These buttons make it into this category, at least for me. I hope someday you see a post here on Sincerely Yours, Kate featuring none other than these little treasures.


ohmypuddin said...

The part of me that wants to do well on my spending hiatus says Sam is right. But the other part of me says that those buttons would look adorable as in pin in your curly hair!

Both parts of me say that now is a good time for pie.

Kate said...

Now is ALWAYS a good time for pie.