Thursday, July 30, 2009

Summertime patios.

Ah summer, what better way to celebrate your long, warm days than with wine and cheese on the patio? Over the 4th of July I went home to Denver and spent an entire day with my sister Anne in her urban garden and her apartment kitchen, assisting with a summertime feast. My other sister Claire, her friend Claire (yes, two Claires were in attendance), and my brother-in-law Blake all joined in for the eating part of the evening. And eat we did.

Anne prepared a beautiful salad from her garden with homegrown greens, tiny tender carrots, baby beats, freshly snapped peas, and a little bit of cheese, oil, and vinegar with seasoning to top it off. There is almost nothing more delicious in this world than homegrown, fresh cut greens. Seriously, they are so tender, so flavorful, and actually have a texture that is velvety and gentle to the palette. Anne also made an amazing marinade for the chicken using preserved lemons and the spiciest Asian salsa I have ever tasted. She roasted potatoes with garden herbs, and for dessert we feasted on cakeballs and homemade frozen yogurt with honey and almonds. Oh yes, and did I mention that she made the apricot jam we served with cheese herself? She is a wonder to behold in the kitchen, full of creativity and a knack for spontanious creations.

Blake toasts the cheese!


ohmypuddin said...

I am jealous of Anne's awesome culinary skills.

Kate said...

Ohmypuddin, you've got some skills of your own to make other's jealous. I know, I eat at your place at least once a month!