Monday, July 20, 2009

Where in the world is Carmen? San Diego!

I spent an entire week in the beginning of July at the Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference in San Diego. While I know that sounds entrancingly interesting to all of you out there in blogland, I will save you the gripping details of the conference and instead skip ahead to the photos from our extended weekend stay.

This may in fact be Sam and mine's very first "weekend getaway," which I am pleased to report was a smashing success. In fact, the long weekend vacation was such a treat we are already dreaming of more. Sam flew out the last day of the conference and our dear friends Will and Carmen drove down from their digs in Los Angles for a long weekend (hence the childhood computer game jingle title to this blog). Together we explored the wonders of San Diego. We stayed at a charming motel named The Pearl (more on that to come soon, but some teaser photos below), ate fish tacos and sushi, splashed in the cold, clear ocean off the beach, and in general soaked up the laid back vibe of this ocean city. I have nothing but nice things to say about the entire trip (conference included!), but I will let these photos speak 1,000 words. And please, call me if you are ever in the mood for a long weekend getaway in Southern California. I'm game.

p.s. It was also my first successful change to play with our plastic fish eye camera, my new favorite toy. Enjoy the enhanced angles.

p.s. There she is, that's Carmen!

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