Monday, April 5, 2010

Target's Liberty of London dress modification.

Liberty of London partnered with Target and launched a big line of limited edition products a couple of weeks ago. I won't lie, upon hearing the news, I rushed to a spending spree on my lunch break and purchased nearly one of everything in the line, including a dessert tray, rain boot galoshes, several various women's tops, a gardening sheers set, and some melamine plate ware. My conservative and rational husband has wisely talked me into returning most of these impulse buys (even though they are super cute). But there are a few key items I want to keep, mainly clothing. And weirdly enough, mainly clothing from the girl's department.

Target designer collaborations can be great successes, and this Liberty collaboration has some high points. However, the most disappointing part of the Liberty/Target collection is that most of the woman's stuff is icky polyester. The most exciting part of the collection was the little girl's section, but alas I do not have any little girls to dress. But still, I am attracted to the Liberty girl's dresses. All of the children's clothing is adorable cotton, with linings, pockets, ruching and other high-end design details. I spent a good portion of my lunch break shopping spree in this section, fawning over tiny bloomers in vibrant Liberty florals and teired sundresses for 6-year olds. I can't say what prompted me other than glutinous consumerism and a drive to own all things Liberty, but during my Liberty spending binge, I actually took a gamble and picked up a few girls XL dresses into the dressing room with me, not sure what to expect. But there in the mirror of the Target dressing room a little miracle occurred. Lo and behold, the cotton maxi dresses from the girl's section (mostly) fit!

How I fit into a little girls XL is beyond me, as I often do not fit into the adult woman's XL's, but I am not complaining. And at $16.99, I can't beat shopping in the kid's section. So I purchased several of the most adorable girl's dresses, seen above. The only issue is the bust coverage. I guess most little girls do not have triple D's to contend with, despite all the bovine growth hormone in today's milk (thank goodness!).

Thinking ahead, I figured I might want to fashion a new top, with more coverage, to add to the existing dress. So I purchased two of each dress - one to wear and one to cut up and create a better top. So, here is my current dilemma... how do I add more bust coverage to the top of the dress (in the simplest, easiest, most stable and flattering manner possible)? I have been brainstorming, and I even broke out my duck tape dress form for this project.

Do stay tuned. I am very optimistic about this little reinvention.

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365pies said...

I vote make the dresses into A line skirts