Tuesday, August 3, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things: Dryer sheets and Vera Linens

If I were to be cast in the role of Maria in The Sound of Music, and I were asked to sing "My Favorite Things" you had better believe that instead of singing about schnitzel with noodles, I would be singing about dryer sheets and Vera Neumann linens. They are two of my very favorite things (along with girls in white dresses, but I can forgo the blue satin sashes in place of a killer strappy sandal). Perhaps this is why my weekend jaunt to the laundry mat to launder all of the linens for Sarah and Aaron's wedding was more of a treat than a chore.

In fact, it was without a doubt one of the more self indulgent weekend activities I have undertaken lately. Sam and I are lucky enough to have a washer dryer stack in our apartment, so I never get the chance to visit the laundry mat anymore these days. But that's not to say I don't enjoy it, and perhaps because it is a choice rather than a mandatory trip, it is a really pleasant errand for me (much like going to Target). I brought a jar of peanut M&Ms for a snack. I had a magazine and a book to browse. I people-watched to my heart's content, making up little stories about each of the laundry mat's clientele and imagining little vignettes of young laundry folders meeting and falling in lover over a jug of Cheer, just like in the movies. At one point I even ordered takeout thai food from the restaurant across the street, then ate pad thai with chopsticks while lounging in a teal plastic bucket seat, the comforting whirl of washers and dryers humming around me. And of course I huffed the scent of dryer sheets with relish. It was great.

The next task is to press and fold all 150 napkins, which is decidedly less exciting than laundering them in the Olmos Park Wash and Fold. Wish me luck, as this ironing falls in the category "When the dog bites, when the bee stings, when you have 150+ napkins to press and fold and you're feeling sad..." During the pressing, I will have to remember my favorite things, because then I won't feel so bad.


Alex and Chris said...

Kate, How did you find 150 Vera napkins!!!!!! Great job. Alex and I can't wait to see you and Sam at the wedding.

Wendy said...

I used to rent a cottage house in a trendy area and would take my clothes to the neighborhood laundry mat. You would think it would be tedious but I loved it! Loved the smell of clean clothes, loved to people watch and best of all right next door was this little market/ sandwich shop that made the best liverwurst sandwich ever.

Kate said...

Ebay, thrifts stores, and a solid dedication led me to 150 Vera napkins. :) I have no doubt I almost singlehandedly drove the eBay price on this designer up, at least for a few months. And I love them all so much I can hardly stand to think of not having them stacked neatly in my living room anymore. But they will be LOVELY at the wedding and I hope Sarah loves them.