Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lady Grey Phase I: The procrastination phrase.

Whew. I am waist deep in phase one of my coat sew-along. It is the phase I like to call the procrastination phase. This phase is marked by the intense business of putting off fitting the pattern and sewing the muslin.

A brief example of the business involved in the procrastination phase: I examined the entire sew-along Flickr photo pool for inspiration...twice. Then I reviewed the blogs of any sew-along sewers with full busts, for research purposes. This of course led to a mandatory exploration of their entire blogs. I went ahead and browsed full blog archives, writing down all of the fabulous patterns they created for blouses and skirts and dresses, daydreaming and planning about sewing them too. I spent two days making my sewing notions shopping list. I needed needles, tracing paper, and a french curve ruler. It was a big list, yes? No wonder it took two days to write. I went to JoAnn Fabrics (did I mention I hate that place? I do. Passionately). They had needles and some sub par tracing paper. No French Curve, of course. Did I mention I spent 45 minutes in the needle aisle reading each package? I left with four different types of needs (stretch, lightweight woven, a twin needle, and a multi-pack, just in case), even though I have no current plans for the stretch or twin needles. And then to round out the procrastination phase, I just read the whole fit section of Jackets for Real People, again. plus a book on fabric cover to cover.

I have achieved things, yes. But have I made a lick of progress on my coat? No. That's what the procrastination phase is all about after all. In fact, if the procrastination phase were a legitimate part of sewing a beautiful jacket, I would be a champ and folks would probably be reading MY blog for tips and pointers. Unfortunately, its not. So today the phase ends. I am committed to moving into Phase 1.5: actually fitting and sewing the muslin.

So, if you will please excuse me, I need to cut out the pattern, trace the pattern, tissue fit the pattern, and make some basic adjustments right now. That is my task for today. See you soon, hopefully with something meaningful to show for my efforts.

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Anonymous said...

HOw can you tissue fit a pattern with curved seams? I thought these seams have to be clipped to fit together. Any advice on this topic would be appreciated for other sew-alongsters