Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The perfect blue room.

Our friend Reid lives in the cutest little house in Austin. It is THE BEST place to stay when we visit, for a few reasons. 1) Reid and his fiance Cameron are great hosts. They even put tiny shampoos and conditioners and toothpaste in the bathroom for their guests. 2) Reid's dog Lola is an English bulldog and perhaps one of the cutest, calmest, most lovely little dogs I have even been around. I would make the drive to Austin just to pet her. And 3) Reid's guest room is this tiny oasis that makes me want to move in, or put the room on a flatbed trailer to take back to San Antonio to be my master bedroom.

The walls are this deep, peacock blue. And Cameron has decorated the space absolutely perfectly, so that it reminds me of an Anthropologie catalog, only tempered appropriately for the real world (in the catalogs they are always doing crazy things, like putting the bed in the middle of a drained swimming pool at a mansion in the french alps, then lighting 10,000 candles on the floor... nobody could actually sleep like that!). The bed at Reid's place has a big, deep brown leather headboard. An antique dresses sits under a scalloped and etched wall mirror, with a vase of pink and yellow flowers and stacks of books adorning the top. The walls have two pieces of distinctive and one-of-a-kind art, including the above picture of a vase of blooming buds. When I wake up there in the morning and open my bleary eyes to the world, I feel so content to stretch out in the sheets and just enjoy the space for a few minutes before getting up. It is nice to be greeted by an aesthetic that makes opening my eyes first thing in the morning a treat.

And the bed is so very comfortable. But most of all, the little room is beautiful. Soothing. Rich. Vibrant. Calm. I hope someday to emulate its best feature in a room of my own, in a home of my own, to make a place for sweet dreams all my own.

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