Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sencha Blouse: Tissue Fitting #1

The bad news. I am on a long term hiatus with the Lady Grey Coat. It's just too advance for my fit skills right now, and no sense wiling away precious sewing time, energy, and patience on a project I am not ready for. The good news. I am moving on to another Colette pattern, one that is more my skill level.

I look at the Colette Patterns website at least once a week. I have added every pattern that might feasibly fit and flatter to my Amazon wish list. And this summer, because I just happened to be near a local fabric shop in Austin that carries that pattern, I FINALLY made one of the patterns my own. I purchased the Sencha blouse (and would have also purchased the Ceylon dress too, but they don't carry it).

And to make the decision to tackle a new pattern even sweeter, my dear husband did something he HATES to do, and helped me with the first round of tissue fitting. I diligently traced the pattern knowing it will be decimated in the fitting process, and then taped and pined as designed. Here are the results. I am not surprised that the blouse is too small and will require both full bust and wide waist additions.

First step is a high round back, wide waist on the back, major full bust adjustment, and probably some wide waist adjustments involving transferring the FBA dart too. I also think I might need to lower that arm hole a bit, it feels snug. Wish me luck on this Colette vision. I have high hopes it will be a step in the right direction!

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