Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sencha Blouse: Tissue Fitting #2

Progress is happening, and it feels good. I really want to sew my Sencha muslin up this up this weekend (or sooner, if I work really, really quickly!). Any thoughts as I work through this fitting?

Front Alterations:
  • 2 inch full bust adjustment
  • large side dart transferred to two waist darts/tucks
  • armhole lowered 5/8 inch
  • 2 inch "hollow chest" tuck across high bust, tapering to nothing in armhole
Back Alterations:
  • 5/8 inch high round back
  • 1 inch wide waist
  • back tuck currently unpinned (I plan to add more width to this area, as I would like a back tuck)
Things are looking in the right direction. I need to make a few more adjustments and sew this puppy into fabric for another look at the fit. Good thing it looks so quick and easy to mock up.

p.s. Sometimes I really cannot believe I post these photos of myself on the Internet. Look at those droopy sweatpants, and that belly being pointed out ON PURPOSE! But then again, my sincere hope is that someday these will be documentation for another women with fit ills to see that yes, there are rotund people like her in the world, and yes, she too has the potential to fit and flatter her body. After all, there are many lovely bloggers out there currently offering me glimpses here and there of there own fit trial and error, even though I have yet to find my "doppelganger" sewist, I am hopeful. So please, judge not my appearance in these photos and instead look at them as instructional, education tools.

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