Monday, August 1, 2011

Berlin, part II.

In Berlin, we visited a bunch of museums. Classical art museums, modern art museums, antiquities museums, German History museums, a natural science museum, and even a museum on The Wall barely worthy of the title museum.

Museum für Gegenwart - or the modern art museum - is in the old Hamburger Bahnhof train station, much like the Musee D'Orsay in Paris, only more modern. We saw a bunch of Warhols and some other famous art, plus some crazy cool art made out of stone and mud. I enjoy looking at modern art, even if I don't find it aesthetically pleasing or don't totally "get" it. But this museum had a healthy dose of lovely art that I could understand, as well as some truly crazy sh*t that can barely qualify as art. Definitely worth the visit.

We stopped for afternoon dessert and lattes before Museum Island one afternoon. We each choose our treats from the longest dessert bar in Europe (so my guidebook claimed). I had a blaubeere tart, there was a busker on the corner of the cafe playing classical music, and after we got up hoards of tiny birds attacked our leftovers.

Because it was raining, and because we had a museum pass that let us into all state-run museums for free, we went into the Natural History Museum. It was an old-school place, with dioramas, some big dinosaur skeletons, and a room floor to ceiling with old sea creatures saved in formaldehyde. It was like a twisted scientist's lab, totally memorizing, and nice because it was one of the few air conditioned places in the city.


worldofwhimsy said...

This is so awesome Kate! (this is Claire by the way!) I love love love your pictures! how long are you in Berlin for?? we should have dinner one day

Kate said...

Hi Claire! We are back from Berlin, and yes we should have dinner! Do you have my number still? Call me, or I will email you.

Rona said...

Lovely blog

Love and light Rona Kruger Read your Berlin art page