Sunday, January 27, 2008

For my sister Claire, the nurse, some new scrubs.

Yes, the title of this post is "For my sister Claire, the nurse, some new scrubs," and no, that burly model in the new scrubs is NOT my sister Claire (although sometimes her toes look just as hairy). Let me explain...

You see, I am taking a five-week beginners sewing class to kick off my New Year's resolution to learn to sew, and the course required me to create four relatively ugly pieces of beginners clothing. One such piece is a pair of scrub pants that are not actually ugly, but are not useful in my everyday life (primarily because I am not a doctor or a nurse, and therefore I never have need of scrubs). But when choosing the patterns I had a brilliant idea! I would make the scrubs for my sister Claire, who is studying diligently to be a pediatrics nurse.

I choose the most adorable strawberry print fabric for the pants. Claire always says that cute scrubs are the key to a pediatric nurse's ability to bond with a child. The nurse asks the kiddo what they see on the scrubs, the kiddo gets distracted looking at the cute pants, and bam! the nurse sticks the kiddo with a needle full of vaccines. Everybody wins.

The pants are my first successfully completed sewing project. I even made a back pocket, two internal pockets, and relatively straight seems and hems. All in all I was very proud as I trimmed the last thread and shook out the garmet to survey my work. Except when I surveyed my finished work, I realized that the pants are HUGE! To confirm this suspicion, I asked my large and manly husband to model them for me.

The long and the short of it, or should I rather say, the long and the wide of it, is that the pants are indeed gianourmous. I don't know how it happened, but the pants designed to fit my 5' 5", 145 pound sister actually fit my 6' 3", 232 pound husband.

Hmmmmm, I suppose I have more learning to do. Next up, a skirt for Ellen.

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