Sunday, January 27, 2008

Here's a pretty "little" skirt for my sister Ellen.

Isn't this just the cutest little skirt?!?!
I made it for my little sister Ellen.

Oh wait, the skirt isn't so little.
In fact, the skirt is HUGE!

Huge enough, in fact, to accommodate BOTH me and Sam,
and still look fashionable. Yikes!

This is the second project I have completed for my beginners sewing class, and oddly enough, this is the second project that has turned out absolutely large. Too large. Much larger than I intended.

I think I have learned my mistakes on both the skirt AND the scrubs for Claire. When determining the size of the pattern to use, I only looked at the section that graphs out the measurements of the person to wear the garment, rather than the section that also graphs out the measurements of the final garment. So I assumed that when it said "34 to 38 inch waist = size Large" the final garment's size would correspond with the proportions of the waist. Little did I realized that most of Simplicity's clientèle likes to wear garments twice as big as their waist measurement.

So I am keeping the skirt for myself. I don't foresee Ellen ever wearing it. After all, she is only 21 years old, still livin' the wild college life. Therefore I expect she only wants clothing that hugs her hiney and makes her look smokin' hot. This skirt will make her look like a giant lemon-y potato sack. Albeit a really CUTE lemon-y potato sack, but a potato sack nonetheless. There is no way she will wear a skirt with 58 inches of fabric flappin' around in the breeze, disguising her best assets (her best assets other than her brain, wonderful personality, and ability to bake well, of course).

I am married already, so I can look like a potato sack. I will alternate the skirt with my over sized t-shirt and sweatpants ensemble for the ultimate diversity in "wife outfits." Ha.

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Kate's Mom said...

Wow Kate! You are looking super petite in that skirt. And it really is cute too!