Friday, June 4, 2010

A field of flowers.

If one of something is good, four of something is better, right? This is my fourth version of the circular tablecloth skirt, made from a vintage Vera Neumann tablecloth. The first was also a Vera tablecloth, and much like this one, the first started with a cutting disaster which was eventually redeemed by a wide yoke and drawstring. The second incarnation of the tablecloth skirt came from a Anthropologie tablecloth that is cute, but never made the cut to be featured on the blog. The third version is the strawberry shortcake skirt posted earlier this week. Featured above is the fourth version, another vintage Vera tablecloth, and this time with the new and improved elastic waist. And isn't it a beauty? I love the border print of flowers and the summery white. It makes me want to plop down in a field of flowers for a picnic.

I am not going to lie, the succuss of the skirts give sme a hankering to seek out more table clothes and make more skirts. However, I shall resist. My collection of four is doing me right, and I have fields of flowers waiting for me to frolic.

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Unknown said...

Hi Kate! Long time - Love Your Blog! You're inspiring me to start looking into sewing my own things too.