Friday, June 11, 2010

First impressions.

Maybe you noticed my new blog header up there? Maybe not. If not, now is the time to take a quick gander to the top of the page and admire my handiwork. The old header was a relic from my first moments as a blogger. Truth be told, I only had a few images available to me the day I started the blog, and the limitation dictated my decision. But, after several years online and a maturation and evolution of the bog, I thought it fine time to update.

I want to share just a bit about the photos included in the header. Also, to be fair I need to admit that they are not original Polaroids, but rather digital images run through a Polaroid converter. I found this amazing, and free, program called Poladroid that converts pictures. Since the actual film is much harder to come buy these days, I have been playing with this application. It is a blast, because you drag your digital image onto a graphic of a Polaroid camera. Then, complete with Polaroid sound effects, a seemingly blank Polaroid spits out from the graphic. It must sit on your desktop for several minutes to "develop" before it is finished. The program crops and puts an effect on the digital images so that each is individual, and very Polaroid-esque. I think they are beautiful.

Now, in honor of the new header, scroll on to see each photo with commentary.

Our kitchen window - I took this photo this week. I stumbled from bed on a dim, rain soaked morning and saw the kitchen window mottled with condensation. It is so hot and humid in San Antonio these days that the chill from the air conditioning is causing monumental condensation on the exterior windows, the kind usually limited to ice cold bottles of beers drunk on a patio in August. Even though it is a sign of the terrible weather, it was a pretty site.

Wedding rings on our wedding day - This is the original blog header image, condensed and updated thanks to Poladroid. These are the baskets that carried our wedding rings the day we were married. Our rings are traditional Irish Clauddah rings. The design is a heart, held between two hands and topped by a crown. This is a traditional Irish design symbolizing the qualities of the best relationships. The heart, in the center, symbolizes love. The hands surrounding the heart are a symbol of friendship, and the crown atop the heart is a sign of eternal loyalty. At our ceremony we passed our rings through the crowd and asked each of or guests to briefly hold our wedding bands. Now, when I look at my ring, I see it as a symbol of love and support from both my husband, and from all of the people in our lives that contributed to our journey to this point and who will continue to support us through our marriage. It's a happy thing.

Bike riding with a basket - This is a self portrait of me riding my vintage Schwinn. I loved the shadows cast on the pavement because it gives a sense of the shape and physical presence of the bike without seeing much of the actual bike. And of course the idea of bike riding is a joy. I don't do it enough, but this photo reminds me of the simple pleasure of coasting down a hill in the glow of the afternoon sun.

Easter brunch - This was a monumental Easter brunch and represents the pleasure, and quite frankly the gluttony of excess, that drives most of my cooking and eating. For this particular brunch, we ate ham steaks, grilled asparagus with over easy eggs, ciabatta with bruschetta, olives, coffee, mimosas, and Italian cheesecake. Was it too much? Most assuredly. But was it a pleasure to prepare, serve, and enjoy. Of course.

Berries with cream - There is nothing particularly sentimental about these particular berries with this particular cream, but it is representative of the simple pleasures in life. It also represents my indulgent side, because seriously, cream?! Way to take something already delicious and decidedly healthy like berries and convert it into an indulgent treat. But hey, that's just the way I roll.

My Schwinn Hornet - I picked this baby up on Craigslist for what I thought was a bargain, until I took it for its first ride and both the tires blew. $150 in tires and a tune up later, this beauty is my underused pride and joy. I love the bike basket, the kickstand, and the little bike bell. Every time I ride it I feel instantaneously more charming and charismatic then I feel when I walk anywhere. It might be the perfect accessory.


Joy said...

Thanks for sharing, Kate. You have an eye for lovely things. That's why I take a little peek into your world now and then. Joy in Arkansas

Nicknamed...Annie said...

I love your new header! Thanks for the explination on your update. One FYI is that perhaps you might change the blurb below the photo of you and your Singer. You've had that puppy WAAAAY more than a year now.

As always, your devoted reader :)

Sarah said...

Glad you kept my favorite picture!