Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Maybe I am a shortcake.

Strawberries are such a sweet treat. And if you think they are pretty on your plate, imagine how nice they are on your skirt. Not literally of course, because that would stain. But an old-fashioned strawberry printed skirt makes me feel so sweet that I could swear I smell like a fresh-from-the-oven shortcake and have a dollop of whipped cream on my nose.

This version is constructed from an old table cloth. And it couldn't it be any simpler.

First, buy a cute vintage circular tablecloth. I recommend eBay or the thrift stores, or Anthropologie if you have a fat wallet. Next, using not very complicated math, figure out the size of the hole you need to cut in the very center to accommodate your waist and hips. Cut hole. Recognize you are not doing the math correctly when you discover the hole is extra large, much larger than you intended. Compensate for the gaping hole by sewing extra wide elastic around the waist. Finally, realize that you did yourself a huge favor with the too big hole, because elastic is vastly more comfortable than a zipper. Viola, the skirts is done.

This is not my first tablecloth skirt. In fact, it is the third in my growing collection. And weirdly enough, every single skirt has ended up with a too big hole. Go figure? It should be simple using my waist measurement and measuring a cutting line from the folded center. I calculated the radius for the measurement based on the old circumference =2*pi.*r equation. Maybe it's because my waist is not a perfect circle, or maybe its because I am faulty at math, but the hole is never correct. Luckily for me, the wide elastic solves the problem and remains fashionable.

I used three inch white elastic, and I would go with something even thicker if I could find it. The elastic is sturdy, it holds the full skirt in place. It's comfortable, giving with my movement to avoid the dreaded muffin top or bulge at the waist. And the elastics gathers up my excess waist to perfection.

I hate to brag, but isn't the skirt cute? From here on our, you can call me shortcake. I don't mind.

The skirt.

Yes, it is a very full skirt. Or should I say a berry full skirt.

The side view. For the most part, the front and the back hems hang evenly. Mostly.

The twirl. It is the true test of any summer skirt. This skirt passes with flying colors.


Carmen said...

I seriously love that skirt. Enough to have some skirt envy!

Unknown said...

What an awesome idea - this skirt is just too, too, cute!

Kate said...

Thanks for the compliments. I am in Vermont, where they grow DELICIOUS local strawberries, and today I am going to wear the skirt out to lunch. And thanks to the elastic waist, I can eat a lot of dessert while still looking cute!